No 201. Newbridge

This ancient 6 arched stone bridge was originally constructed in the mid 13th century by the monks from the local priory at Deerhurst, and was altered, presumably by them, about a century later.  It was partially destroyed during the English Civil War by Cromwell’s troops who wished to prevent the Royalists loyal to King Charles I from crossing the river to escape.   There are pubs at both ends of the bridge, the ‘Rose Revived at the north end and the ‘Maybush’ at the south.   The ‘Maybush’ name probably derives from medieval times when a landlord would hang a fresh branch over his door to indicate that a new brew of beer was available.   The well known Cotswold river Windrush joins the Thames at this point. This view is upstream during a very unsettled day when thunder, lightning and torrential rain bought the boat to a standstill.