No 139. Walton Bridge

The recent bridge on this site is only temporary, being built in the 1990s when it became apparent that the previous construction was close to collapse.   A full replacement is now finished 2013 see my watercolour below 2014.

A continuation of the bridge towards Walton town centre of a long arched causeway which carries the road across part of the flood plain of the Thames.    

At one time there were large film studios in Walton on Thames and together with the still famous studios at Shepperton formed a large part of the local economy.   Various local river landmarks can often be spotted in films and TV programmes.   On the upstream side of the bridge is a large open space know as Cowey Sale (previously Cowey Stakes)   which is reputed to be the point at which Julius Caesar crossed in AD 54 after his battle with the British chieftain Cassivellaunus. There are several famous paintings of previous Walton Bridges by such masters as Monet & Turner. This view is on the Surrey downstream side and shows the powerful stream and imminent flooding of the banks in 2003.