No 142. Doy’ly Carte Island Bridge

This picture is a view from the tail of Shepperton Lock looking downstream. The river here passes both sides of D’Oyley Carte Island and the footbridge provides access from the towpath on the Weybridge side. The Island and its large house and boatyard are privately owned and frequently used as film locations due to the proximity of Shepperton Studios. The island takes its name from Richard D’Oyley Carte who was the producer of the famous Gilbert and Sullivan operas in the late 19th centaury. Although the operas were normally performed at the Savoy in London the house , which has a large ballroom was used for rehearsals and garden parties. People would travel to and from the Savoy by boat. There are many small islands like this on the Thames which are called Aits or Eyots. Whilst some are natural, many have been man made by the dumping of spoil from dredging and other works further upstream in previous centuries. We are unable to confirm whether or not this island is natural.