No 143. Chertsey Bridge

This extremely pretty and elegant 7 arched stone bridge was designed by James Paine and built in 1780.   It remains essentially the same but has been strengthened several times since construction.   Its height at the centre arch is 19’1” or 5.81m to allow passage of large craft and is adorned with picturesque lighting standards.   On the town side of the bridge is a bronze statue of local heroine Blanche Heriot who, in the 15th century, saved her lover by hanging onto the clapper of the bell at Chertsey Abbey thus preventing it from ringing the curfew, which would signal his execution.   A royal messenger arrived with his pardon before the bell could ring again.   The curfew is still rung from the present church between September 29 (Michaelmas) and March 25 (Lady Day).   Below the bridge is the pleasant recreation area of Chertsey Meads.