No 156. M4  Bridge

This bridge which crosses the river between Windsor and Maidenhead was built to carry the M4 which is the main motorway between London and the West to Bristol and beyond and into Wales after crossing the Severn Estuary. It is a standard modern concrete construction but stands in an area of much interest. This view faces downstream towards Windsor and beyond the bridge on the left bank lies the village of Dorney. Dorney Manor is mentioned in  Domesday but has now been replaced by the Tudor Manor of Dorney Court which was built in 1500 in typical tudor brick style with many tall chimneys and gables. During the reign of Charles 11th the gardener John Rose grew the first pineapple in England and the local pub  is called ‘The Pineapple’ to commemorate this. A new boating lake has recently been built at Dorney Reach by Eton College and will be used for the rowing events in the Olympic Games of 2012.