No 158. Maidenhead Bridge

The town of Maidenhead grew up around the original wooden bridge which was ordered by Henry III in the early part of the 13th century to ease the passage of travellers’ from London to the West Country. It forms part of the Bath Road, now the A4, which starts in west London. The present bridge, now built to replace the original in 1777 was designed by Sir Robert Taylor and built of Portland stone. In view of the age of this crossing it seems unusual that there have been only two bridges in nearly 800 years!

This part of the river was very popular with members of high society in the 1920’s& 1930’s who would visit Skindles Hotel which stood on one side of the river and the Rivera Hotel on the other. Cliveden House which was owned by the wealthy Astor family is a short boat ride up river and is now owned by the National